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Tohoku University

Since its establishment in 1907, Tohoku University has always emphasized the three principles “Research First”, “Open Door” and “Practice Orientation”. Many brilliant students graduated in its 111 years’ history and we are proud to say, that our research achievements had and continue to have a substantial impact on both the academic world as well as the global community. The continued collaborations and innovations are a major reason for our selection as one of the first three Designated National Universities by the Japanese government in June 2017.

Tohoku University

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What you can learn?

Arts and Letters, Education, Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture

Arts and Letters, Education, Law, Economics and Management, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural Science, International Cultural Studies, Information Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biomedical Engineering

Degree Programs in English

Tohoku University Future Global Leadership (FGL) Program offers a number of graduate courses conducted in English for students wishing to pursue their further studies.
The three undergraduate degree courses provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen area and exposure to cutting-edge research.
Graduate Courses conducted in English are offered in a wide range of fields and disciplines. For details on each course, please inquire directly using the information listed on the table below and/or visit the FGL website.


Graduate (English)

Exchange Student Programs / Short-Term Exchange Student Programs

Tohoku University has an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with universities throughout the world, which are open to undergraduate and graduate students. You might also be able to have your Tohoku University course work credited towards your degree back come.

Exchange Programs | Tohoku University

Short-Term Exchange Student Programs

TUJP (Tohoku University Japanese Program) TUJP | Tohoku University

TSSP (Tohoku University STEM Summer Program) TSSP | Tohoku University

Independent Scholarship

Tohoku University President Fellowship
It is unique to Tohoku University. It provides an amount covering tuition fees for international students of excellent character and academic standing. For application information, students should inquire with their desired faculty or graduate school.

Tohoku University President Fellowship

Support Systems for Exchange Students

The International Support Office aims to facilitate a wide range of engagements for international students and researchers, from issues with Status of Residence to tips for everyday shopping.

TU Support – TOHOKU UNIVERSITY International Support Office –

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