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Kyushu University

Kyushu University

The Kyushu University is a historic core university established in 1911. With the foundation of tradition exceeding one hundred years, the Kyushu university is always ready to accept the challenge of future issues based on our basic philosophy of “With continual and autonomous reforms. The Kyushu university aims to guarantee educational quality at an international level. We will aim to be a top-level education and research hub marked by vitality and a willingness to address future issues.”

1. World’s Top-Level Research
Kyushu University has approximately 3,500 instructors and researchers (including around 300 foreign national instructors) and engages in the world’s top-level research. The university’s research and educational skills have been highly acclaimed throughout the world. It was ranked 5th in the Times Higher Education (Japan Ranking 2018) and ranked 126th overall, 30th in Asia, and 8th in Japan in the QS World University Rankings 2019. It was also ranked 23rd among the universities with the highest international standards in engineering (Global Resources) in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019. We continue to promote research together with a large number of overseas researchers.

2. Educational Environment for Nurturing Talented Human Resources
The university consists of twelve faculties, eighteen affiliated schools, four vocational graduate schools, and five research centers. We have established 64 graduate school courses and five faculty courses that allow degrees to be acquired in English. Our educational curriculum caters to the diverse requirements of overseas students studying in Japan. We accept a wide range of students from XX influential university organizations that have concluded exchange student agreements. So that they can develop a broad range of knowledge and viewpoints through coeducation while at the same time continuing with their independent studies throughout their lives in order to become leaders in global companies. We have created a campus that nurtures human resources able to contribute to worldwide development.

3. Support System Catering to Diversity
Kyushu University has in total four campuses: the Ito Campus, which is Japan’s most prominent university campus (272 hectares), the Maidashi Campus, the Ohashi Campus, and the Chikushi Campus, and a total of 2,521 exchange students from approximately 97 countries are currently studying in these campuses. We have established a powerful support system to cover all aspects of university life by setting up Overseas Exchange Student and Researcher Support Centers in each campus. We aim to provide support to exchange students before they arrive in Japan, appoint counselors capable of communicating in various languages in the Campus Life and Health Support Centers and appoint expert staff to provide vocational support. We have also prepared dormitories for new exchange students and provided a shuttle bus to transport them between Fukuoka Airport and all dormitories to make anxiety-free trips to Japan. Japanese language classes are also available for resident students so that they do not need to worry about their lack of communication skills, enabling them to study Japanese in addition to their primary fields of study.

4. University Culture That Continues to Accept Challenges
Kyushu University’s strength is the innovative and fundamental academic research being carried out in a wide range of fields based on the intellectual curiosity of our researchers. We are using the driving force of innovation by promoting academic fields that have been divided into specialist subjects. And then fusing and integrating studies across different fields, we have assumed an active role in leading-edge research aimed at solving the issues faced by humankind and suggesting and implementing verification experiments on new social systems.

5. Fukuoka; Asia’s Hub City for Exchange in Asia
The city of Fukuoka has forged ahead with development through exchanges with Asia and the rest of the world since olden times, and it is known as the hub city for exchange in Asia. Air and shipping routes are fully established, and the number of people involved in exchange activities is soaring yearly. Fukuoka City provides a full lineup of urban functions and coexists with abundant nature, providing both metropolitan and rural aspects. It has a temperate and pleasant climate and rarely suffers from natural disasters, making it a location for anxiety-free living. It also has the highest ratio of young people (between 15 and 29) of all government‐ordinance‐designated cities. It supports start-up companies in its role as a special zone for promoting global enterprises and employment. Its lower business costs compared to other major cities make Fukuoka a city that enables young people to take on the world.

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Degree Programs in English

Kyushu University provides up to 64 courses for acquiring degrees in English.


Exchange Student Programs

Kyushu University accepts students from universities that have concluded exchange student agreements with other universities (affiliated universities) into three overall programs. Check here for details on Kyushu University’s affiliated universities.
Students wishing to apply must first check with the department in charge of exchange student programs at the university they attend. Applications from individuals will not be accepted, so make sure you submit your application via the department in charge of exchange student programs at the university you attend.
Exchange students can study at either the JTW, the JLCC, each faculty or in the graduate school.

A program for carrying out classes in English for undergraduates.
See the following website for further details.


A program for carrying out classes in Japanese for undergraduates who are majoring in Japan research at affiliated universities.
See the following website for further details.


Faculties, Graduate School
For the completion of courses held at Kyushu University’s faculties and graduate school.
Most of the courses are taught in Japanese, which requires a level of Japanese proficiency equal to or higher than Grade 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Certain courses are taught in English in the faculties and Graduate School, and if there are sufficient English-language courses available in the targeted faculty or Graduate School, a level of English proficiency equal to or higher than TOEFL 550 is required for acceptance.
Students applying for positions in the Graduate School may also receive research guidance without having to complete the courses.
See the following website for further details.

List of Undergraduate Schools

List of Graduate Schools

Short-Term Exchange Student Programs

Japan in Today’s World (JTW) provides special education courses centering on classes and independent research in English for one term or one year for exchange students who have been selected and dispatched from overseas universities that have concluded exchange student agreements with Kyushu University.

JTW Home

Japanese Language and Culture Courses (JLCC) are short-term exchange student courses lasting one year for students studying in universities outside of Japan and majoring in fields related to the Japanese language or Japanese culture, and they provide lessons for both improving Japanese language proficiency deemed necessary for future research into Japan and for deepening their understanding of Japanese society and culture.
In addition to students studying in Japan’s government-sponsored exchange programs, exchange students from overseas universities that have concluded exchange student agreements with Kyushu University are also accepted.


SIJ (formerly ATW) (Summer Program)
Summer in Japan (SIJ) is a summer program that accepts students from overseas universities. It provides multifaceted courses relating to the past, present and future of Japan, and intensive Japanese language classes.


AsTW (Spring Program)
ASEAN in Today's World (AsTW) is a short-term exchange student program operated jointly between Kyushu University and influential universities in ASEAN member nations, and it enables students to study about ASEAN nations and East Asia, and about the culture of Asian languages in English.
A large number of university students from overseas universities centered around ASEAN nations take part in this program.

AsTW Home

Independent Scholarship

Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship
Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship
An independent scholarship provided by Kyushu University targeting short-term exchange students and students in the double-degree program. Applicants are recruited twice every year. Anybody interested in this is requested to carefully check the details listed in [3. Recruitment].

1. Recruitment Period
Phase 1 (Scholarship Period: April to September): Around December of the previous year
Phase 2 (Scholarship Period: October to March): Around March of the same year
* The scholarship periods for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are a maximum of six months.
* Students are able to apply for both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

2. Remuneration
Scholarship: \80,000 per month
Traveling Costs: Maximum \50,000 (within Asia)
Maximum \100,000 (outside of Asia)
* Tuition fees are not covered.
* Depending on the screening results, the sums provided for scholarships and traveling costs may differ from those listed above.

3. Application
Check all recruitment conditions carefully and then submit your application and required documents to the person in charge of student affairs in the faculty or graduate school you wish to attend as an exchange student. Note that applications sent to anyone other than the person in charge of student affairs will not be processed.
Check here for details on the persons in charge of student affairs at each faculty and graduate school.

Global Gateways Friendship Scholarship

Support Systems for Exchange Students

Kyushu University has established and fully maintains the following systems for accepting foreign exchange students arriving in Japan from overseas to ensure that they get a smooth start to their studies and research activities in the university.

Services Provided
Procedures for sending out Certificates of Eligibility (CoE) for acquiring visas
Accommodation and transportation support from Fukuoka Airport to the university upon arrival
Support in searching for private residential apartments and all procedures involved in concluding contracts
Support for all procedures related to living in Japan
Support for translating university documents into English
Interpreters and inquiry counters
Maintaining contact and collaborating with exchange student support teams
All over lifestyle support required by overseas exchange students and researchers.

Kyushu University Overseas Exchange Student and Researcher Support Center

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