Advantages of Study in Japan


  • "Advantage of Study in Japan" introduces an overview of the procedure for studying in Japan. (English Only)

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World's Leading Science and Technology

You can learn the world's leading science, technology, medicine, etc.
Japan's remarkable economic growth, despite limited resources, is a testament to the power of education. It's not just a result of Japan's natural ingenuity, but also of its robust education system. This system, which prioritizes the cultivation of knowledge and technology, has not only enabled Japan to stand as a global leader in various fields but has also inspired other nations to invest in education as a key driver of economic growth.
Japan's impact on the world is diverse and far-reaching. Its products and innovations have revolutionized various industries, from electric vehicles and digital cameras to optical fibers and artificial hearts. Even seemingly simple innovations like instant noodles, which have transformed the world's diet, and Karaoke, a global entertainment phenomenon, have their roots in Japan. This diversity of impact is a testament to Japan's wide-ranging capabilities and its ability to innovate across different sectors!

Fascinating Culture

Japan has cultural heritage, including Mt. Fuji, traditional Japanese cuisine, and the "Omotenashi" hospitality. This hospitality is exemplified in various ways, such as the meticulous attention to detail in traditional tea ceremonies, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of ryokans (traditional inns), and the helpful and polite service in restaurants and shops. Surrounded by the sea, Japan experiences four distinct seasons. The country has several world heritage sites, such as Mt. Fuji, Himeji Castle, and Itsukushima Shrine. Washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine, is a vibrant and healthy culinary tradition that utilizes seasonal ingredients and contributes to Japan's status as one of the countries with the world's highest life expectancy. Japanese people are known for their disciplined and sober nature. The spirit of "Omotenashi" hospitality, which prioritizes caring for guests, is deeply rooted in Japan, and international students are warmly welcomed!

Conductive Living Environment

Experience the exceptional living environment of Japan, featuring safe and secure infrastructure. Benefit from the low crime rate and high likelihood of lost items being returned, providing a sense of ease and security. The reliable public transportation system ensures safe and punctual travel, while the well-established health insurance system offers access to advanced medical care with minimal cost, providing peace of mind to international students and residents alike.

Various International Students

Japan is proud to welcome over 140,000 international students from more than 170 countries and regions, offering them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese and diverse cultures from around the world. This experience provides students with a broader perspective, allowing them to grow personally and academically. Japan, as a tolerant country, upholds the values of freedom of religion and thought in its constitution.