Advantages of Study in Japan


  • "Advantage of Study in Japan" introduces an overview of the procedure for studying in Japan. (English Only)

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World's Leading Science and Technology

You can learn the world’s leading science, technology and medicine, etc.

One of the factors contributed to Japan’ s economic growth as a leading country of Monozukuri manufacturing despite scarce resources is knowledge and technology backed by excellent education.
Japan has been offering many products using the state-of-art science, technology and medicine to the world, including electric vehicles, digital cameras, optical fibers and artificial heart. Instant noodles, which have changed the dietary life of the world, and Karaoke are also innovation of Japanese origin.
The culture to use innovative ideas and come up with creative products is rooted in Japan. Japanese schools focus not only on academic achievements but also on development of human quality. This aspect of Japanese schools is highly appreciated by international students who think the studying experience in Japan helps them after they start working.

Fascinating Culture

Cultural heritages such as Mt. Fuji and Japanese cuisine and“Omotenashi” hospitality

Surrounded by the sea, Japan has four seasons to enjoy.
In Japan, there are a number of world heritages such as Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan, as well as Himeji Castle and Itsukushima Shrine. Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), a registered intangible cultural heritage, is a colorful and healthy food using the ingredients of the season and contributes to Japan being one of the countries with the world’ s highest life expectancy.
Japanese people are known to have a sober nature and attach importance on discipline. In Japan, the “Omotenashi” hospitality, which is a spirit to care about the guest with the highest priority, is deeply rooted and international students are welcomed warmly.

Conductive Living Environment

Conductive living environment and safe and secure infrastructures

Japan is known as a good place to live with its low crime rate. Even if you misplace something, it will be returned to you most of the time.
Public transportation system in Japan boasts of its on time departure and arrival and helps you reach the destination safely and securely. With well-established health insurance system, you can receive advanced medical care when you fall ill just with a small amount of payment. Japan is a country to live with peace of mind for international students who feel anxious after leaving their home country.

Various International Students

International students from more than 170 countries and regions across the world

About 140,000 international students from more than 170 countries and regions of the world are studying at higher educational institutions in Japan.
They will have a broader view through exposure to Japanese as well as diverse cultures of the world. Japan is a tolerant country where freedom of religion and thought is guaranteed by the constitution.