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広島大学 Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University is a national institution founded in 1949, incorporating many different institutions of higher education. The University has been growing ever since; adding new schools, research institutes, and centers. Today it is counted among the national universities and consists of 12 schools, 11 graduate schools, a research institute, research facilities, and affiliated hospitals. The University has approximately 11,000 undergraduate students and 4,500 graduate students currently enrolled, as well as around 1,900 international students from approximately 70 different countries.
Today, HU is making steady progress as a global university, taking on worldwide challenges and strengthening its global educational network by signing international exchange agreements with universities around the world and opening overseas bases at strategic locations.

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What you can learn?

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, School of Letters, School of Education, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Science, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Applied Biological Science, School of Informatics and Data Science

[Graduate Schools]
Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University Law School

広島大学 Hiroshima University

Degree Programs in English

In order to implement an education that is adapted to the accelerated globalization, Hiroshima University is introducing degree programs consisting of English-taught courses only at all its faculties by 2019. As of today we have 19 such degree programs.
For an example of the aforementioned degree programs, Hiroshima University has School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Department of Integrated Global Studies (IGS) that provides liberal arts education integrating arts and sciences to offer students various approaches from cultural, social and natural sciences with the aim of developing solutions for the issues faced by the international community. The curriculum of IGS is composed of three main subjects: Culture and Tourism, Peace and Communication, and Environment and Society, all of which allow students to make a suitable study plan with the flexible courses according to each goals and interests.

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences,Department of Integrated Global Studies

Exchange Student Programs

Hiroshima University Study Abroad (HUSA) Program is a system based on university exchange agreements that offers undergraduate/graduate students learning and cross-cultural experiences as well as language courses. Students are able to attend the program while retaining their statuses at their home universities.

Hiroshima University Study Abroad Program (HUSA)

Short-Term Exchange Student Programs

Hiroshima University offers the “Japanese Language and Culture Special Program (JLCSP)” intended for international students interested in the Japanese language and culture. The program aims to provide them with opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japan and to give them a chance to consider coming back to our university to study in the future. We offer lectures by our academic personnel and extramural professionals to broaden students’ knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. In addition, there are opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture through a visit to Miyajima, a UNESCO world heritage site, and Sake Breweries in Saijo, while learning the importance of peace through a visit to A-bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.
This program is also the key to developing mutual understanding with other countries’ people for both Japanese students at Hiroshima University and the program participants.

Japanese Language and Culture Special Program (JLCSP)

Independent Scholarship

Hiroshima University offers some special scholarship programs for international students.

International Students Supporters’ Club Scholarship
Scholarship established with donations from individuals within and without Hiroshima University. Grantees are selected by inner selection from individual applications.
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Excellent Student Scholarship Program
Hiroshima University’s scholarship program for outstanding graduate students in academic record and activities.

Prior to Admission Scholarship Program (HU-PASP)
Grantees will be selected from the students enrolled by pre-arrival admission system.

Support Systems for Exchange Students

Hiroshima University provides support for international students through international student support members at each support office and academic advisers at each faculty and graduates school.
We also offer a Supporter System, designed for peer student supporters to give newly arrived international students peer-to-peer extracurricular assistance such as opening bank accounts and processing the necessary procedures at the city hall.
At the Morito Institute of Global Higher Education, we propel international exchange activities and promote campus globalization, thus enhancing Japanese language and culture education within and outside the university.
Moreover, Hiroshima University established an International Student Support Network consisting of faculty and staff in charge of international student support. This system handles various consultations related to, for example, academic work, accommodation, harassment, health issue (injury, disease, mental health, etc.), and employment.

International Student Support

広島大学 Hiroshima University

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