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Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Tech is the top national university for science and technology in Japan, spanning more than 130 years. Of the approximately 10,000 students at the Ookayama, Suzukakedai, and Tamachi Campuses, half are in their bachelor’s degree program while the other half are in master’s and doctoral degree programs. International students number 1,200. There are 1,200 faculty and 600 administrative and technical staff members.
In the 21st century, the role of science and technology universities has become increasingly important. Tokyo Tech continues to develop global leaders in science and technology and contributes to the betterment of society through its research, focusing on solutions to global issues. The Institute’s long-term goal is to become the world’s leading science and technology university.

Overview | Tokyo Institute of Technology

New “Lead the future” video for prospective students released

What you can learn?

Schools, Departments, and Majors   
In April 2016, Tokyo Tech became the first university in Japan to establish Schools that encompass undergraduate and graduate education. Schools offer seamless curricula between bachelor’s and master’s programs and master’s and doctoral programs. Right from enrollment, students can clearly envision the possible academic paths that may be taken, allowing them to make diverse choices and challenges according to their interests and pursuits.

Relationship between Schools, Departments, and Majors

Program for Degree-seeking Students

1. International Graduate Program
This program allows students to acquire a master’s or doctoral degree with courses in English.
International Graduate Program

2. Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP)
Bachelor’s degree program conducted in English with admission in April.
Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP)

Program for Non degree-seeking students

1. International Exchange Students
International students from partner universities
International Exchange Students

2. International Visiting Students
International students from non-partner universities
International Visiting Students (from Non-Partner Universities)

3. International Research Students
Non-degree-seeking international students who wish to conduct research under the guidance of a Tokyo Tech faculty member
International Research Students

東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships available to international students working toward a degree.
Scholarships for International Students

Support Systems for Exchange Students

Efforts by faculty members, administrative staff, and students to support international students
Support for International Students

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