MEXT Social Science

First of all academic terms are different in here since Kyushu University has four quarter terms as academic terms. Actually, one year is separated two semesters and each semester is divided into two quarters. Besides, each quarter is likely a mini semester since there is exams and different courses, at least for master students. Additionally, holiday periods are also different from our system.

There are two main holiday periods; the one is from February to April called winter break and the second is from August to October called summer break apart from the Christmas break. Law faculty has just moved to Ito Campus last year so facilities or physical conditions are perfect, in other words everything is new. Ito campus is a big campus with many academic and social facilities. Although Ito Campus is a bit far from the city, it has various social facilities such as swimming pool, gym, athletic fields etc. and adequate restaurants and cafes including one halal restaurant, one Italian restaurant, main dining restaurant with very reasonable prices among the others. As regards courses and the grades, courses are mainly conducted by the presentation of the professor and active participation of students is important during the class which is assessed as certain percentage of your final grade together with the exam. Exams may vary upon the professor such as take home exam, report, in class presentation or in class exams etc. Difficulty of the classes depends upon the students as usual, if you study regularly for your courses there is no difficulty and your grades directly related with this principle. Last but not least there are many sport and social clubs in Kyushu University which provide various activities and courses for students such as judo, Japanese calligraphy etc. To illustrate, KUFSA (Kyushu University Foreign Students Association) organizes different activities and trips especially for the international students among the others.