Enes Muhammet

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Hi there! Great to have you visit my VOICE. I’m Enes Muhammet from Turkey. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering in Turkey, I came to Japan in 2015 to learn more about fuel cell systems. After a year studying the Japanese culture and language in Nagoya, I pursued my Master’s degree in fuel cell systems at Hokkaido University. From snowy winters to hot summers in Kyushu, I am now doing PhD research on fuel cell systems at Kyushu University.


About Your Research

Single polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)

Working principle of PEFC system

A source of renewable energy, fuel cell systems are one of the most promising clean energy technologies for transportation and residential energy demand. The rapid commercialization of the so-called polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) in vehicles, show how valued and promising these PEFCs are. However, as PEFCs are very expensive, its expansion is not at a desired level. Main problems of PEFC systems are (1) high cost of the platinum catalyst, (2) degradation and (3) excessive water accumulation in high current density operations.

In my research I focus on the synthesis of superhydrophobic carbon nanoparticles, aiming to improve water management issue in PEFC. By improving the water management, we will be able to operate PEFC under high current densities. In short: this means that we can reduce the manufacturing costs of PEFCs significantly.

Daily Schedule

Wake up, start my day with prayers and plan my day out

Get ready and eat breakfast

Time to check e-mails and messages, review literature

Arrive at lab and attend meetings or conduct research

Lunch time! I pray, then eat home-prepared food or eat out with friends

Continue research activities

Time to go home

Enjoy my dinner

Time to relax: I read books, watch a movie or call my family/friends at home

Time to dive into my bed


What do you do on Holidays

Feeding deers, Nara, 2016

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, 2017

Beautiful Biei, Hokkaido, 2018

The sea side here is awesome! Fukuoka, 2019

Sushi competition with Turkish friends, Fukuoka, 2019


Message to prospective students from MENA

If you are ready to discover a new culture and to learn first-handedly about the latest innovative technologies and developments, I suggest you orientate to study in Japan. The J-Mena office and Kyushu University can help you in this orientation – make sure to check scholarship opportunities too!

Your time in Japan is not fruitful only to you – you will also strengthen ties between your home country and Japan.