Shimaa Alshhawy

Government Engineering
Shimaa Alshhawy

My name is Shimaa Alshhawy. I am Egyptian who was born in Iraq during my father work stay there. I graduated from faculty of engineering, Mansoura University. After graduation I preferred to dedicate my time to my beloved twins. I came to japan at January 2016 with my family. In 2017 I joined Kyushu University as a research student at the Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering. From 2018 to 2020, I am studying a master course in department of electrical and electronic engineering.

About Your Research


Nowadays, the use of wireless power transfer (WPT) is vital in different fields. Particularly, WPT is used in the powering of biomedical implanted sensors to enable battery-free operation. The utilization of batteries has many drawbacks including 1-the chemical leakage, which may lead to the poisoning of the treated person. 2-The uncomfortable life of the treated person due to the battery size. 3-the burden of surgery to replace the batteries. WPT has two types according to the range between the transmitter and the receiver. The first type is far field based on the antennas. The second is near-field coupling using coupled inductors or coupled capacitors.

On the one hand, in the far field, an antenna radiates electromagnetic (EM) waves at its self-resonance. For medical implants, this has many disadvantages as the self-resonant antenna have large size at low frequencies. To achieve a compact size, GHz frequencies can be utilized. However, the body absorption of the EM waves is higher at the GHz bands. Also, GHz frequencies suffer from the propagation path loss. In return, low efficiency is achieved, and risk on the human tissues exists due to the absorption of the EM waves.
On the other hand, in the near field, the coupling between resonators is utilized. Two types of coupling exist: inductive and capacitive. Generally, the coupling can be used for the low-frequency regime, which is not absorbed by the body. Capacitive coupling is based on electric field, which gives a short range. However, capacitive coupling has two disadvantages. First, it has a short range. Second, body tissues are dielectric by nature. So, body tissue effect should be considered during the design to avoid any undesired change in the resonance characteristics. The other type of coupling is the inductive coupling, which has mid-range. The body has no magnetic characteristics. So, it is selected as the most suitable candidate for the medical implant application.
My research is to design a wireless power transfer which works efficiently in powering the biomedical implanted in the human body. Solving the problem of the conventional system which consist of one transmitter and one receiver but if the receiver changes its location with transmitter so this make change in performance and in design of the whole system but in our research we presented a solution of these problems and this by using a new structure and make improved on it. To obtain a high performance of WPT system.
This research presents a separation misalignment insensitive wireless power (WPT) system. This insensitivity is possible by minimizing the variation of mutual inductance.

Daily Schedule

7:00 AM
Wake up to prepare kids for school and kindergarten

7:30 AM
Prepare and eat breakfast

8:00 AM
Take the youngest kid to the kindergarten

Egyptian breakfast

Egyptian breakfast


9:00 AM
Come to lab and check email

9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Do research or attend classes

12:30 PM
Eat homemade prepared lunch box or other option

1:10 PM to 5:15 PM
Do research or attend classes

5:20 PM
Leave the university to bring kids to home

With labmates in lab

final ceremony

During the final ceremony of my intensive Japanese class

6:30 PM
Arrive home and prepare dinner

7:30 PM
My children do homework and we play with the youngest kid

9:30 PM
Children sleep and I start to prepare lunch box for next day

11:00 PM
Check mail and go to bed

My kids


What do you do on Holidays

In Odo park near my house


In waterfall near Karatsu


In Nagasaki


Near Mt. Fuji


Kokura Castle


In the road to Mt. Aso and Mt. Aso


The road to Tokyo and Disney Land


Fireworks at Fukutsu City

With my friend in Fukuoka Tower


Your Favorite Things / Place in Japan

My favorite place in japan is the sea and park near my house. I like visiting the sushi and Udon shops to enjoy the local taste of Japanese kitchen.

My kids at Sushi-shop


Message to prospective students from MENA

In japan there are distinct research areas in many fields. Kyushu University provide the students with a lot of assistance, which help them to improve their skills and to earn experiences. A lot of job opportunities are available after graduation. Kyushu University provides optional language classes to study Japanese by very talented and kind teachers. This classes allow students to deal with the Japanese society in a friendly manner.