MEXT Dentistry

I am currently studying at dental graduate school of Kyushu University; I have enrolled in PhD program at the oral rehabilitation department/Periodontal section. The Graduate School of Dental Science offers the opportunity to undertake doctoral studies in English and during a program of 4 years the students have the chance to acquire the skills necessary to complete high-level research in dentistry. There are several degrees Offered as Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Clinical Medicine and Dental Science, and Doctor of Science depending on the student wish.

The student must earn at least 30 credits for graduate school class subjects listed in Kyushu university graduate school of dental science academic program including at least 8 credits from the comprehensive lower year curriculum, and at least 16 credits from the core curriculum of the student specific field and at least 6 credits from the specialist upper year curriculum.
The grading system as follows:”A”=100~80 points, “B”=79~70 points, “C”=69~60 points
“G”=pass, ‘N”=recognition (100-point system). At the final year of the doctoral course the student must present their research, and answer the questions related to their research in front of faculty members and recently one condition to graduate is to successfully publishing one paper in scientific journal.
I am currently 3rd year students ,during those three years I got the chance to learn many experiments which were totally new for me as in my country we study dentistry only from clinical aspect and we have not the chance to do any research expect for the epidemiological ones. Although experiments are not easy and you have to deal with cells and animals which take efforts and time but once you get your own good results you will feel it worth it.