Government Engineering

Japan is a very dynamic country that welcome to everyone from different countries around the world. With its unique culture, society, nature, business model, work environment, education system, latest technologies, Japan is considered the best place in the world to live in and stay for long time. Although the previous merits, still the most barrier for foreigners is the language and communication with the public. In Japan, all the resident is proud of their language and they could not speak any other language except Japanese.

That’s why it is wisely for foreigners to learning Japanese if they are going to stay in Japan for long time. In this occasion I will talk about my personal experience for studying the language from scratch.
Before coming to Japan in Mar. 2016, I never spoken or trained for the Japanese language. I just started to learn general expressions for daily use at laboratory, among class-mates and so on. I have learned few words approximately less than 10 words! When I arrived Japan, I found the life will be complicated without learning and studying the Japanese. Fortunately, Kyushu university provide several programs to study Japanese. There are two program category, short course (JTC: Japanese Training Course) and long-term course (Intensive course). As a beginner, I preferred to study the JTC which is two times per week for three months so I could have time to finish my research. During the course I learned Katakana and Hiragana letters but I realized I couldn’t communicate. Afterwards, I gave up and said to myself “what are the benefits from learning a new language as I will stay only 3-4 year”. Therefore, I will stop wasting time as I’m coming for doctoral degree and I should devote all my time for research!
During that time, I met an Egyptian person who was a doctoral student at Kyushu university long time ago and has a wide experience in Japan. I talked with him too much about the Japanese life and troubles of the Japanese language. I asked him for help to make a car insurance, he came with me to an office in Tenjin. At that moment, he started to talk with the office in natural Japanese. I got shocked, how is that! He told me “if you want to seriously study the language, you must take the intensive course”. This moment represents the point of change in my life Japan. I decided to challenge myself and said again “There is nothing impossible, you can do it”. Therefore, I applied to the intensive course for five months and devoted all that time for the language. I studied hard and achieved the required examination grades. After two months, I found myself communicate with Japanese and understand what are they saying. Now, I realized without the Japanese language you will suffer too much in Japan. Language will open all closed doors and give you the chance to interact and communicate with the community. It will facilitate your life stay in Japan.
Japan is distinct, charming, beautiful, and wonderful country!!
Key of Japan is its language, so my advice is to study it even with a beginner level.