Government Social Science

I am Muhammad Salem one of the Egyptian delegates in Japan. I would like to share my experience of getting the Egyptian scholarship. In general, the most important requirement to get any scholarship is the score of the English test, which can be considered the portal to study abroad. My personal experience during the last 7 years I tried to get a scholarship from different sponsors, all of them require a high score in English test which not less than 6 (for IELTS) or 79 (for TOEFL IBT).

Second, the research proposal which considers one of the criteria for evaluation to get the scholarship. The proposal should be compatible with the plan of scholarship (in my case Egyptian plan). Third, I prepared 3 recommendation letters from my previous supervisors (Egyptian scholarship require a special format for the recommendation letter). Fourth, an acceptance letter from a professor in a reputed university (most preferable to be in top-ranked 200 universities globally). To get an acceptance I sent emails to many professors and I got a reply from a few of them. So, I highly recommend if you have a friend studying there ask him for help because he most probably will facilitate this mission. Fifth, Fill in the required application of cultural affairs and missions sector in Egypt. Sixth, preparing bachelor, transcript and master certificates in English. Finally, I would like to advice any one seeking to find a scholarship to study abroad to be patient and if he was not accepted he should try again and develop himself more in the next time (personally, I got the scholarship after many attempts during 6 years).