Amr Halawa

Unknown Engineering

Good research is a key point to consider before admission. One should make an extensive research about the relevant laboratories corresponding to the aspired work. Afterwards, direct contact with the potential supervisor is essential for a successful admission process. Through this contact, you could understand more deeply about the current research projects and showcase your own ambitions clearly to find out whether it is matching this specific laboratory’s work or not. Next, you should carefully check out the deadline for application and the required documents to be submitted.

Preparing your certificates, transcripts, and English Language Proficiency certificate as early as possible is important in the admission process. Moreover, you should prepare a concrete research proposal if you are applying for a Doctor of Philosophy degree program. This proposal is a crucial part of the application that needs to be covering your research goals and how you are goint to pursue them Besides, it should show how your past research experience will help you achieve you future ambitious goals. Actually, I revised my proposal with my supervisor a couple of times at that time and he was very supportive to me with constructive ideas and modifications. Furthermore, try to directly ask the student affairs division staff in Kyushu University if you faced any problems or confusions regarding the required documents. Honestly, they supported me a lot during that stage and was really helpful and supportive. Later on after submission, get ready for the interview stage and be well prepared to answer questions about your previous experiences and future aspirations.