Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC)


ICT Innovator course

KIC was ranked #1 in 2017, among 530 Japanese private universities, in terms of the indexes like sustainability and financial soundness. It is also selected as one of 10 universities in the world where you are able to study ICT4D, and for the Japan/World Bank Joint Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) for the 2020 and 2021 academic years. Moreover KIC received the 15th JICA President Award Commendation in 2019. You will acquire skills and method to solve those social issues using ICTs by studying with us. Our objective is to generate an active network of innovators. To develop the latest knowledge into practice, KIC has set up a subsidiary called Swift Xi Inc. which provides solution service using most advanced VTOL Drone. You can study cutting-edge with us.
In addition, our student community has a lot of activities. All the professors and office staff speak English, and some of them are fluent in French at the same time.
KIC is located in the center of Kobe, City of Design by UNESCO. Not far from famous commercial city Osaka and historic city Kyoto, Kobe is very rich in cultural diversity. Most of our international students stay at Hyogo International House, which provide comfortable accommodations.

Available Program

Graduate Program
Master of Science in Information Systems (professional)

Application requirement

Prospective students who match any of the following points can apply:

1. Those who have a bachelor’s degree or are scheduled to receive such a degree by the admission date.
2. Those who have completed a 16-year course in school education.

*The applicant must be at least 22-year old by the admission date.
*If you have any questions about the admission qualification, please contact the office.

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Application deadlines

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September 1-22, 2022
Study in Japan Online Fair 2022

Online Session 18:00-18:45 (JST)
Start at
1:00pm in UAE
12:30am in Iran
12:00am in Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria
11:00am in Egypt
10:00am in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

Online Session 19:00-19:45 (JST)
Start at
2:00pm in UAE
1:30pm in Iran
1:00pm in Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria
10:30am in Egypt
9:30am in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

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