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Nagoya University (Graduate School of Engineering)

Nagoya University
Nagoya University Engineering International Office

As of 2018, Nagoya University tracing its history back to 1987, boasts nine undergraduate schools, 13 graduate schools, three research institutes and three inter-university service facilities, standing strong and proud as one of the country’s core “comprehensive” universities.
The Graduate School of Engineering aims to train researchers and engineers who, have knowledge of basic science which can create the next generation of “engineering/technology”, have depth of specializations, a high degree of comprehensiveness and a broad international perspective.
In the Master Course, we make full use of “engineering methods” to cultivate project leadership skills needed for effective goal achievement.
In the Doctoral Course, the educational goal is to develop human resources who can thrive in a “creatively developing engineering field”, with a view towards impacting future developments in society. As science and engineering personnel who will lead radical innovation, students graduating from the Doctor Course are highly sought after both in academia and industry.
Specifically, in addition to basic subjects and specialized subjects in each field, we have also set up a curriculum with subjects that aim to broaden the range of knowledge and insights such as industry-academia collaborative education subjects, cross-disciplinary subjects, and so on.In particular, active learning opportunities such as “Innovation Experience Project” and “Research Internship” are included in the industry-academia collaborative education subjects.
At Nagoya University, you will learn “engineering”, boldly face and overcome various challenges, and contribute to humanity and society as “courageous intellectuals (Yuki-Aru-Chishikijin)”.


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Graduate School of Engineering
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