Other Dentistry

I graduated from Sudan, with BDS (bachelor of Dental Surgery) in 2011, since then I was looking for a postgraduate and I really wanted to pursue my studies. I remember that when I first graduated, my mother suggested. Why I do not apply for Japanese government scholarship, my mother was as motivated as Japan is safe for me to live alone, as I am a female. And for second reason, that Japan is more developed technologically and in so many other different fields.
To be honest, I was thinking it is impossible as in my mind after all it is Japan, how can I get accepted.

It was a dream for me. So on days and years passed and I forgot about that, but I was carrying out my dreams and ambitious.
As a dentist. I pursued my internship and worked in my field as a Clinician.
The starting of seeing me as a student in Japan, and I did start to think all over about it, all started in March 2017, after 6 years of me stopped thinking about this possibility; I met one of my senior colleague, whom studying in Japan as PhD student.
She started to tell me how the system in Japanese universities is, and how they conduct their work as a researchers, actually I liked what she said and I had more interest in the research direction more than the clinical, as I can discover new things and do experiments and solve problems, then I knew that is what I want to do for my future, that gave me more courage to achieve this, Which were just thoughts and hopes but then It turned to a reality which I am living and experiencing everyday now.
Then, I started again to look and search internet regarding postgraduate studies, and their requirements, I looked for all Japanese universities, and I got all information I can know, and it could help me for the application process.
I found that Kyushu University is one of seven prestigious universities in Japan, and as I knew from my searching experience, I knew that I need to contact with the professor of the department I interested in first.
I entered Kyushu University’s website, and I was so organized about this, that I wrote all names and interesting research of professors, and I contacted them via email, with all details about my work experiences and all certificates I held, starting of bachelor certificate and transcript, until the last work experience before I came to Japan.
I was so lucky, that I got a response from my supervisor now.